Las Vegas Escort Jordan


Simply put, I am a gift unlike any other and you will not be able to wait to unwrap me. Come find out more about me and my charms as soon as possible. I can't wait to spend time with you and let you know more about my likes and dislikes....  Come find out more about everything I have to offer during your next trip to the Sin City. I am the blonde Las Vegas escort that you have always dreamed about, the sort of girl who looks like she belongs on a movie set. My long legs simply don't quit and my very hot body could make a preacher bite a hole through a pew. 

What I offer

Maybe you can help me with one of my fantasies? I really want to be ravaged by a tall dark stranger! Take me from behind and whisk me away to your special love paradise. This might sound like something women aren’t really into, but I am! It's kind of a rape fantasy, but I want you to be more mysterious than mean! I also fantasize about a man walking in on me while I am masturbating. Maybe we can mutualy satisfy both our fantasies? Want to give it a shot? Give me a call or send me a text!

More About Me

I am a Victoria's Secret addict! That's right, I bet you didn't think it was possible to be a VS addict! It sure is! I have the largest collection of sexy Victoria's Secret lacy goodness, more than any of my friends. Sometimes I just stay home and play dress up with some of my "toys". I love wearing high heels and nylons for my man! Be sure to request if you want me to wear a sexy outfit on our little get together. I'd be more than happy to oblige all your whimsies!

I'm the sort of woman that you just won't be able to figure out. I'm an enigma and many of my closest friends say that they don't truly know me. Wouldn't you like to meet a girl who is not looking to make a major splash? I let my good looks do all of the talking for me.

In fact, there are many who say that I look like a Hollywood movie star. My elegance makes me equally comfortable in a limousine or riding shotgun with my companion. You can also help some of my wildest fantasies to come true. 

I am a 100% Independent Las Vegas Escort. I guarantee you will enjoy my company or your money back. Book in advance for the best rates. Outcall appointments in Las Vegas and vicinity unless booked in advance. Full Service GFE.