Hi, I'm your mystery woman, Jordan. My girlfriends always tell me they can't figure me out. I dunno why, I am just a quiet, reserved individual. I am a quietly entertaining woman, perfect for the guy that doesn't want to make a big splash when he enters a room. I am elegant and refined, with a unique ability to befriend you in a very short amount of time.

I'm Wide Open

Jordan's the name and if you are the type of person who likes to go with the flow, I'm the girl for you. Let's not overthink things at all. It is time to put your worries and cares to the side. Enjoy the company of a beautiful woman who knows how to cater to you.

To Start...

 I could pick you up in a limo at McCarran Airport and by the time we got to your room, you would swear we were best friends. That's just the way I roll! I want to be the best part of your trip.

I'm a more reserved type of woman but not to worry...I'm still one of the top Vegas escorts that you are going to meet during your travels. I know how hard it can be to relax and enjoy your free time. That's why I am here to make sure that your next Las Vegas trip goes according to plan. Don't waste your time with all of these other escorts out here.